Order your flowers with Ivy + Averie Flower Company today.  Whether treating yourself, or showing appreciation for someone close to you, flowers have been known throughout history to have uplifting benefits for your wellbeing.  From boosting your mood, to helping you sleep, to brightening up a space, flowers and plants are an essential part of your wellness plan.  Don’t forget about the feel-good aspect of giving that is proven to improve your health.

The added benefit of Ivy + Averie Flower Company arrangements is that you not only are helping yourself, and the person you give them to, but you are also helping to bring more flower spaces to sustain the pollinators that are losing their homes and life sources due to over-industrialization and lack in giving back to nature.  A portion of the sales of each arrangement goes to a fund dedicated to planting flowers in areas of need.

Ivy + Averie Flower Company uses sustainable and up-cycled materials for all arrangements.  You can choose to have either a glass or metal container.  Arrangements are based on availability of flowers depending on season, logistics, and cost.   Contact us here to order and be a part of the movement back to nature!